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Experience a truly integrated session of massage and energy work. Your body will relax and relieve stress through your massage. Then, intermixed with your massage various healing energies and modalities will be utilized, bringing emotional and spiritual shifts, changes and growth. I provide an 'intuitive massage' and honor who you are, and where you are, and only energies that your body and spirit are calling for are facilitated. 

Energy work and shifts are often described as moving water through a kink in a hose. The energy can feel a little intense, such as pressure, but once the kink, or block is released the energy then flows easily, restoring you to who you really are. An uplifted feeling can accompany this release. Other times people report a deeper sense of relaxation and peace. Your experience will be unique to you and where you are at this point in your life.

Crystals are said to have properties that can assist a person in relaxing and in their healing process, and in bringing in new energies or moving out old patterns. I have a large assortment of crystals and gemstones that can be utilized in your session.

Listed below are some of the modalities I can use. I'll use the one(s) that intuitively call to me during your session, or you can request one or more of your choosing.

*The concept of energy work is unknown, or uncertain to many people. Annie Laurie completely respects that, and for this reason it is not utilized in her regular massages.

Important Notice: Energy work and healing modalities discussed here are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your physician. 

Energy Healing Massage:

Energy Healing Massage can include Essential Oils, crystals & rocks, and powerful messages.

Pricing:   30 min $50,  60 min $95,  and 90 min $150

*Weekend pricing:  30 min $60,  60 min $105,  and 90 min $160*


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Energetic therapy facilitates holistic healing. Every massage gets a dose of healing, kind, caring, loving energy. I see, feel, and communicate with your bodies soft tissue and muscular system. Energy blocks get released and meridians get cleared as I work with your subtle energy body. This means treatments are not only physical but also energetic, we go deeper. In some cases I bring in Reki to our session for clearing of the mind-body-spirit dynamics.


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Spiritual or sacred energy, a life force of energy flowing through us and around us. When it flows through us it goes through pathways called meridians and chakras, known as our subtle energy body system in layers= physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This life force system nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting their vital functions. It is common knowledge in Chinese, Ayurvedic, and other Eastern forms of healing medicine. Meridian energy channels is the fundamental basis for Acupuncture treatments.


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Another level of working with the emotional body. The practitioner scans the chakras and works with you as a team to help you transform your current present time imbalances by going through main energy centers “Vortex” areas of the body’s energetic subtle body system which holds information to be re-aligned where imbalances surface.


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The subtle body responds to our thoughts and feelings. When under stress or in a crisis mode it becomes disrupted by intense charges of our emotional state, consciously or unconsciously. Thoughts and feelings attach to our energy field and can disrupt the flow of life force. Energetic problems can build up over time, manifesting illness, degeneration, and accelerate aging. Negative beliefs and programming can manifest as problems in the physical body through the emotional body, causing mental and emotional suffering.

Loving energy is so powerfully healing, charging the entire body systems with light!, raising the vibratory energy fields, and purging stagnant negative energy. Amplifying vitality and balancing out the whole system to clear and heal the energy pathways allowing life force to flow more freely in it’s natural way. It goes beyond treating symptoms. It gets to the root problems of disruption, helping us to process and heal on deeper levels. These deeper layers are where we restore balance to our Body-Mind-and Spirit and once again return to joy, peace, and a LOVE for Life.