“She is so intuitive, sensitive, and aware!”

Annie Laurie is the most phenomenal massage therapist I have ever experienced.  She is so intuitive, sensitive, and aware of every aspect of my being.  I am so incredibly grateful to have her generous, loving presence in my life.  She always knows how to make me feel like I can go on in this body no matter what seems to be happening and feel good.  My guides call her "Angel Annie" because she is truly that, an angel in human form.  

— Solomei

“I feel so blessed to be able to have her work on me...”

My daughter has taken such good care of me over the years.  I am 84 years old and going strong!  I feel so blessed to be able to have her work on me, providing me a better quality of life and promoting my health and longevity.  

— Isabel Laurie

“I feel so refreshed.”

I've known Annie Laurie for over 7 years and started seeing her for massage therapy.  Now one of my favorite therapies that Annie provides, besides massage, is the foot detox.  It's a relaxing, cleansing foot soak that removes toxins and heavy metals from the body.  I've started taking my two boys to Annie for the detox.  The youngest leaves singing, "I feel so refreshed!"  My husband and my dad are big fans of the foot soak, too.  Annie is easy to talk to, very professional, and in tune with each person's needs.  Her pleasant manner makes it very comfortable for my children and for our entire family.  Annie knows her field and is constantly keeping up with the latest in natural therapies.  Whether you want a therapeutic, relaxing massage or a cleansing foot detox, or any of the numerous therapies that Annie provides, I would highly recommend Annie Laurie for your needs.  Your body will thank you!       

— Cindy - Wife, Mother & School Teacher

“My greatest pain easement has come from the hands of Annie Laurie.

Some years ago I severely injured my back and the pain was unbelievable, I tried all types of treatments, then I found Annie Laurie. Her in depth of knowledge of the muscles and nerves that were involved in the injury was apparent once I started treatment with her. I tried acupuncture on several occasions to no relief, but the healing hands of Annie Laurie registered more alleviation than any other treatment. A few years later I again injured myself in a fall and even though I suffered several broken bones, the muscle and nerve systems were the most severely damaged. According to the Medical Doctor's report, the nerve damage will be with me for the remainder of my life. Now I cannot say that it was totally from the hands of Annie Laurie that I am no longer hobbling around on crutches, or that I have finally been able to retire my walking cane. But I can say that due to the tender touch of an educated lady in her field I have found the most freedom from pain. Two years after my latest injury I still find it necessary to take pain medication to make it through each day, but my greatest pain easement has come from the hands of Annie Laurie. Spending thousands of dollars of various equipment to bring her patients the most comfort and relief from pain, such as a heated massage table (Biomat) which is wonderful, and laser equipment for deep muscle injuries, the depth of her care and concern is unequalled. I consider myself one of the "Lucky One's" to have discovered Annie Laurie. Should you find yourself in pain from muscles injury or just want to treat yourself to a great massage you really should give her a call and that heated table is fantastic.

— Vants A. 

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